emilyn brodsky's digestion

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emilyn brodsky is a musician who has a deep reverence for food. her latest album, emilyn brodsky's digestion, was released october, 14th, 2016. her music is available all over the goddamn internet.


Hello, I'm Emilyn Brodsky's bio. Emilyn is a singer/songwriter who has performed with The Magnetic Fields, Amanda Palmer, The Hold Steady, TV on the Radio, and many more.  I am a bio. You may have seen Emilyn sing songs off her most recent critically-acclaimed full-length album "Emilyn Brodsky Eats Her Feelings" on HBO's "Girls" and Fusion's "The Chris Gethard Show." It's a really good bunch of songs, you should totally buy it on iTunes. But what do I know? I'm just her bio. Her excellent debut full-length album, "Emilyn Brodsky's Greatest Tits," is available on iTunes, too. Wink. She lives in New York City in an ancient mansion with a coven of witches. Emilyn enjoys tea, essential oils, and meat on the bone. Her new album, Emilyn Brodsky's Digestion, will be released October 14th, on Dead Stare Records. 

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